Scientific Committee

Glyn Stacey, Division of Advanced Therapies, NIBSC-MHRA, United Kingdom

Steven Bauer, Office of Gene and Cell Therapy Products, FDA-CBER

Karin Hoogendoorn, Quality RA B.V., The Netherlands

Maura Kibbey, US Pharmacopeia, USA

Anthony Lubiniecki, Pharmaceutical Development & Manufacturing Sciences, Janssen R&D, LLC, U.S.A.

Nick Medcalf, Prof N Medcalf, University of Loughborough, UK

Yoji Sato, National Institute of Health Sciences, Japan

Gerald Schumann, Paul-Ehrlich-Institut, Germany

Jean-Yves Trouvin, University Paris Descartes, France

Bao-Zhu Yuan, National Institutes for Food and Drug Control, China